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Click on image to view larger image Trick roping and music make the opening and finale of the Rhinestone Roper Show.  The show opens with Dan singing to tape music while he simultaneously varies the size of his loop; executing butterflies and rollovers, ocean waves, and dances in and out of his wedding ring loop.  Then he skillfully performs flat loops, dog trots, wedding rings, body juggles, hand shakes and lift-ons. 

During the shows finale, Dan ropes to familiar cowboy theme songs as he performs every rope trick that most people can imagine plus a few that they cannot.  He performs one and two rope routines and use ropes as short as 7 feet long and as long as 60 feet long.

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When possible the finale is performed in the dark, under black lights that are provided by Dan Mink.  Not only are the glow in the dark rope tricks spectacular, but the ropes also create complex geometrical designs that add to the light show.  Audience participation rope tricks such as half hitch throwing are used in the show.  Additionally, five volunteers are chosen to spin loops and always get a big cheer.

After the show, Dan, provides specialized ropes and instruction for those who want to learn the lariat arts.

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Click on image to view larger image In December of 2009, Dan became the SASS "World Champion Whip Performer" at the contest held in Las Vegas Nevada.

Even crowds who think they know what is coming jump in surprise with the first crack of the bull whip.  Dan uses whips of fine braided kangaroo hide. 

A child volunteer is chosen and a foot long strip is placed in his or her hand.  After a comical interlude, the child is given a glove and Dan steps back and begins cracking the whip.  With each crack, the strip becomes shorter and shorter until no more is visible past the child's hand. 

The child's parent is then called up, a hat is placed on his or her head and the target is unexpectedly placed in their mouth instead of their hand.  Click on image to view larger image

Dan's assistant then produces a blind fold.  The child verifies that they cannot see through it.  Then, to the astonishment of the crowd, Dan has the blindfold placed over his own eyes.  He finds the volunteer, paces back and cuts the target to pieces until called off by his assistant and the child.

As a finale, Dan takes a whip in each hand, cracks them simultaneously, alternately, and then in a spectacular syncopated four-count pattern.

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Click on image to view larger image Dan Mink is a two-time inductee into the International Knife Thrower's Hall of Fame and became the SASS World Champion Knife Performer in December 2009 in Las Vegas Nevada. !!!

The Bowie knife was a favorite tool on the frontier.  Dan takes great pride in the gasps that he hears as he throws fourteen-inch knives and closely outlines his wife Nat'aani's body.

Frequently, the bowie knives scrape the brim of her hat as the points crack into the redwood boards around her head.  Just when the audience thinks the danger is over, Dan covers her and the front of the board with  paper, obscuring her from vision. 

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The knives are thrown once again.  They slice through the paper and disappear as the tell-tale thump reports that the knife has hit the board.  This trick has a magical ending and you'll just have to see the show to find out what happens.

Additionally, the Dan Mink has added "The Wheel of Death" to the show.  Nat'aani mounts a 6 foot spinning wheel.  Her body is then spun with the wheel and Dan attempts to throw the knives amidst the blur and plant them around their body.  This part of the show has everyone holding their breath until the last knife has found its target.

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Click on image to view larger image    Guns

Dan Mink - 2007 World Champion Gunspinner
2005 Joe Bowman Gun Handling Showmanship Award!

The Guns that won the west are featured in the Rhinestone Roper Show.  Dan uses .45 caliber single action six shooters and .45 caliber lever action Winchester rifles. 

Dan straps on his fancy double rig holster and performs well known gun spinning maneuvers and tosses with one gun, some with two and some alternately.  As the pistols twirl, Dan jokes and explains the tricks, how the guns work, and gives safety tips to the kids.

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As a finale to the gun section, Dan quick draws with each hand and fires specially loaded blanks, and bursts balloons suspended in a cactus shaped stage prop.  The saddle rifle is then spun-cocked and fired to burst more balloons.  Finally the pistol and rifle are used to burst balloons that are tossed in the air .  Gun smoke fills the air as a balloon disappears with each blast of a gun. 

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  Lucky Joe

Click on image to view larger image Lucky Joe Makes a Great addition on the ground in front of the stage as well as in an arena, or even in your indoor theatre!

Dan always felt that to have a full blown Wild West Show the audience had to be treated to a talented horse.  Well, the show is now complete!  Dan chose Lucky Joe, a painted colt out of one of Dan's horses and has trained him to perform many humorous and unusual tricks.

Among other things, Lucky Joe can bow, rear, lay down, count his age, come when called, and answer yes and no.  He also reaches back with his mouth and throws his saddle pad off when Dan tries to saddle him and when Dan bends over to pick it up, Joe grabs Dan's hat off of his head.  If Dan makes the mistake of bending over in front of Joe, then Joe trots up and boosts Dan in the rear with his nose.

When Lucky Joe lays down, Dan pretends they are bedding down to sleep and drapes the saddle blanket over both of them.  But Joe doesn't want to share so he reaches up and pulls the blanket off of Dan and onto himself.  Additionally, while laying down, Dan plays rowboat with Lucky Joe's legs and then rolls Lucky Joe onto his back with all four hooves in the air.  Dan straddles Lucky Joe's ribcage and performs humorous commentary. Lucky Joe's newest and most amazing trick is his ability to balance himself completely upside down, legs in the air

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