School Performances

"That is the best assembly we have ever had. Barr-none!"
Larry Stephans-Principal, Leo B. Hart School -- Bakersfield, CA Nov., 2003

"I have been here for 35 years and that was the best show I have ever seen! I don't usually talk to the entertainers but I just had to tell you."
Susan Portello -- 3rd Grade Teacher, "The Teacher Who Doesn't Like Anything" Valley View Elementary- Richmond, CA Nov., 2003

"The reports we are getting back on your show are so good that they are hard to believe...You are the best act we have!"
Jack West -- President, National School Assemblies Nov., 2002

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Your children and staff will agree with these and hundreds of other presenters after seeing The Rhinestone Roper Show, starring Dan Mink - singer/guitar picker and master of the lariat and bull whip. Dan has performed over 1000 school assemblies in 46 states. He considers his school assembly his "Best and Favorite Show." It captures the true life of the cattle drive cowboy while incorporating important messages relating to goal setting, resisting drugs and respecting self and others.

Lucky Joe also enjoys performing at schools. He brings his own pad on which to perform. He does not wear shoes so the floor does not get scratched and he is potty trained.

The Rhinestone Roper School Assembly includes the following:
  1. Life on the Cattle Drive
    1. Tools of the Cowboy
      1. Trick Roping
      2. Bull Whip Cracking and target cutting
      3. The Branding Iron
        1. How to use it
        2. How to read it
        3. Make one for your school
    2. The Cowboy's Favorite - His Horse
      1. Lucky Joe does tricks - bows, rears, counts, fetches, says yes and no, lays down, sits up, pulls off his blanket and even balances upside down.
    3. Cowboy Musical Instruments
      1. Guitar
      2. Concertina
      3. Harmonica

  2. Important Messages
    1. Find your Special Purpose
      1. Every one is unique
        1. looks, voice, finger prints, skills
        2. never has and never will be another person like you
        3. we each have a special purpose for being here
      2. We find our Special Purpose by
        1. trying the things we have always been interested in
        2. sticking with those things that make us and the people around us happy
    2. We Know Not to try Illegal Drugs
      1. We know there are things that will not help us find our special purpose
      2. Drugs, Alcohol and tobacco will not help us find our special purpose
      3. Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco are three things we do not have to try
    3. When we make a mistake we try again
Singing Cowboy, Click to View Larger Image

The Rhinestone Roper Show will amaze both kids and teachers with spectacular rope tricks, Thrill them with seemingly death defying bull whip stunts and will uplift them with the knowledge that each of them is special and that their uniqueness will lead them to their special purpose. Dan guarantees that every one present will always remember the Trick Roping Black Light Finale.

(We DO NOT bring knives or guns to schools)

Ask for your free copy of the entire school assembly on Windows compatible CD

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