School Assembly Quotes

UTAH Schools

This is the second year I have seen this show and it is the best I have ever seen in my life. The message is so strong and the kids really pay attention.
Mr. Bradden,Teacher-Panorama Elementary-St. George, UT

That was simply wonderful. We were all enthralled. I've never seen the kids so quiet. You had them mesmerized.
Sandra Sharp-Discovery Elementary-Brigham City, UT

That was an excellent show. We see a lot of assemblies here and sometimes I'd rather be teaching. But with this show I would rather be watching.
Sharon Bell,Teacher-Lavaridge Elementary-Magna, UT

We have never had anyone hold the attention of k-3rd graders for a whole hour. That was wonderful...simply wonderful!
Danny Smith,Principal-Altures Elementary-Sandy, UT

You were fabulous and we wanted you to know it. The kids are still talking about your assembly. You left your inspirational thoughts and talents on the minds of our children. Thanks, Dan. You've made a difference and we'd like to have you back next year.
Theresa Menlove,PTA President-Panorama Elementary-St.George, UT

I just got back from Branson seeing shows. Why aren't you down there? Your show was just as good as any of them.
Teacher-Manila Elementary-Pleasant Grove, UT

I was watching the kids and they were all just right there, interested. That's the key; getting the kids all excited about what is happening at school. And, Dan, you push all the right buttons. Let's get set up to have you back next year.
Tim Holmes,Principal-Corrinne Elementary-Corrinne, UT

That was amazing! That was fantastic and had a great message.
Burke Torgerson,Principal-Loa Elementary-Loa,UT

We get a lot of flyers and you never know what you're getting; but your show turned out great. It was the best show we've had.
Gerri Tuft,1st Grade Teacher-Loa Elementary-Loa, UT

Thank you so much. Even after your third year here, you are still the assembly we look forward to. The teachers as well as the kids love your show and we're having you back next year.
Wendy Western,1st Grade Teacher-North Park Elementary-North Logan, UT

That was absolutely the best show I've ever seen. It makes me want to move to Idaho and become a cowboy. It was even better than any of the Broadway musicals I have ever seen. Thank you so much.
Darcy Dowdle,3rd Grade Teacher-Mt. Loafer Elementary-Salem, UT

That was a great show! My teachers have just informed me that, no matter what you charge, we are having you back next year.
Jeanie Partridge,Principal-Mt.Loafer Elementary-North Logan, UT

Your show was just great! Teachers are stopping me in the hall. So many drug free assemblies hammer the message; just hammer and hammer so it turns the kids off. But you weave the message through your show in just the right amount so the kids understand it and still agree with it. Great show!
Kathy Anderson-Backman Elementary-SLC, UT

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