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The Rhinestone Ropers' Trick Ropes & DVD

Flat Loop
A great rope for beginners; this rope measures 7-1/2 feet long. As with all of our nylon trick ropes, it is built with a hidden swivel in the spoke (to keep the kinks out) and a fixed honda (so you never lose your loop). It is great for doing the Flat Loop, the Butterfly, One-handed Merry-Go-Rounds, Two-Handed Merry-Go-Rounds, Vertical Loop and Small Lift-Ons.$10

Long Flat
A great intermediate swivel rope or beginning swivel rope for adults and tall children, this rope measures approximately 12 feet. This is a great rope to do all of the tricks that a Flat Loop sized rope can do as well as beginning foot work such as the Dog Trot and Dance-Through Dog Trot.$15

Wedding Ring
Measures approximately 15 feet, this is the longest of the swivel ropes. It is great for body work tricks such as the Wedding Ring, Texas Yo-Yo, Lift-Ons, Handshakes and Jasper Jumps.$20

Custom Cotton Ropes
Unlike the other ropes listed above, these ropes are made to order and are just like the ropes used by The Rhinestone Ropers. They are made with a sliding leather trimmed honda and a fancy Turk's Head knot on the end (no swivel).$2/foot

Instructional DVD
This DVD is produced by The Rhinestone Ropers and features demonstrations all of the tricks while Dan instructs on how to execute them. It is fully chaptered and titled so you can go straight to the specific trick you are working on.$20

Gift Set
Includes 1 Flat Loop and 1 Instructional DVD $25

No shipping charge for schools ordering as a group!

Download and print: Order Form

Mail completed order form with check or money order to
Dan Mink
118 South 100 West
Jerome, Idaho 83338

Phone: 208-320-3633

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