The Amazing Trick Horse

The Star of the Show is The Amazing Lucky Joe. Lucky is the most versatile trick horse in the business. He performs indoors as well as out. Of course he is most comfortable performing in The Rhinestone Roper Show Tent.

Lucky Joe Smiles at Iowa State Fair, Click to View Larger Image  Dan always felt that to have a full blown Wild West Show the  audience had to be treated to a talented horse. Well, the show is  now complete! Dan chose Lucky Joe, a painted colt out of one  of Dan's horses and has trained him to perform many humorous  and unusual tricks.

 Among other things, Lucky Joe can bow, rear, lay down, count  his age, come when called, and answer yes and no. He also  reaches back with his mouth and throws his saddle pad off when  Dan tries to saddle him and when Dan bends over to pick it up,  Joe grabs Dan's hat off of his head. If Dan makes the mistake of bending over in front of Joe, then Joe trots up and boosts Dan in the rear with his nose. Lucky Joe also retrieves Dan's hat when the wind blows it off.

When Lucky Joe lays down, Dan pretends they are bedding down to sleep and drapes the saddle blanket over both of them. But Joe doesn't want to share so he reaches up and pulls the blanket off of Dan and onto himself. Additionally, while laying down, Dan plays rowboat with Lucky Joe's legs and then rolls Lucky Joe onto his back with all four hooves in the air. Dan straddles Lucky Joe's ribcage and performs humorous commentary. Lucky Joe's newest and most amazing skill is that he can balance himself completely upside down with his legs in the air.

Lucky Joe Shows Off His Balancing Act Lucky Joe Sittin Pretty Rhinestone Roper & Lucky Joe Show Off Ropin Skills, Click to View Larger Image Lucky Joe Steals Rhinestone Roper's Hat, Click to View Larger Image Lucky Joe Takes a Nap, Click to View Larger Image Hi Ho Lucky Joe, Click to View Larger Image Lucky Joe a Real Balancing Act, Click to View Larger Image Rhinestone Roper Ropin Atop Lucky Joe, Click to View Larger Image Lucky Joe Takes a bow, Click to View Larger Image

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